Fishing Boat Charters


What is a fishing boat charter?

A fishing boat charter delivers customers a boat, equipment and knowledgeable crew for a fishing trip. When you choose to take a charter fishing trip in Louisiana, you’ll get the full experience of catching fish out in the Gulf or on one of the vast lakes in the area. By selecting Dirty Habits Fishing Charter, you and your entire group will get only the best service, education and assistance you need according to your skill level. Call us today to get more information!

Why do I need a captain and crew for my fishing trip?

There are several advantages of choosing to get a fishing boat charter for your Louisiana fishing trip. With a chartered trip, you will have the benefit of …

  • An experienced fishing guide. Captain Kyle has been fishing on the Gulf waters for over a decade and knows exactly where to go and what to do in order to keep your rods bent under the weight of fish.
  • Access to the best equipment. You won’t have to buy all of the gear and equipment necessary for an enjoyable day on the water when you charter a fishing boat. Everything you need is provided.
  • A boat at your disposal for the entire day. If you’re thinking of purchasing a boat for your own fishing trips in the future, a fishing boat charter could give you a solid idea of whether a boat purchase is the best choice for you.
  • Catching an abundance of fish. You may find that with all of your attention focused on catching fish, with everything else handled by experts, you’ll catch far more fish than you would without a crew. Charter fishing captains know that their repeat business depends on getting customers a cooler full of fish, so they work hard to make your trip a success.